Sunday, April 12, 2009

King and Queen of Concordia 2009

Well we had a coin drive fundraiser at Christopher's school. Basically the child who brought in the most money from each class was choosen to be the prince/princess of their class. Christopher was the prince of the 4's class mainly because nobody else from his class participated so I threw in $10 for him. Anyways the prince and princess for each class recieved a sash and crown to wear to the king and queen ceremony. All the other children were sitting in the chapel area and all the prince and princess walked in. Each prince and princess chose a card off a table. only 1 card had a king symbol and only one had a queen symbol. The kids picked 1 and then they all revealed. Drum roll please....................................The king was CHristopher!!! Only he was't too thrilled. I probably could have kept my $10 for the fit he threw. He didnt want the crown or sash, didnt want his picture, etc. I think he was just embaressed by all the attention. Anyway I got a few pictures but my camera was acting up so they arent the best.

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