Saturday, December 27, 2008


Christopher loved Christmas this year....he had been counting down on his advent calendar all month and couldnt wait! Chritmas eve was spent at home just the 3 of us(we dont get Marissa til Christmas day at 6pm!) We had a nice dinner and then Christopher was allowed to open 1 gift. Of course that gift was new pjs to wear to bed....He wasnt very excited, but I explained that we have to have new jammies for Christmas morning. He loved them and was very excited to wear them after hearing that. I messed up though and bought them a size too we just rolled them up! After opening the present we put out our cookies and milk for Santa and sprinkled our reindeer food outside on the yard for the reindeer(can't forget about them) we enjoyed reading "The night before Christmas" before it was off to bed. Someone was a little too excited and it took him almost a hour to fall asleep! He was up bright and early too. He couldnt wait to see what Santa had brought him. Santa was very good to both the kids. Christopher got a batcave, a robot, a remote control car, a game, new transformer sheets, and some other toys. Marissa got alot of craft kits. We went over to moms house where Christoper got lots more toys and a new outfit and jammies. Both kids got mp3 players from nana which they haven't put down! Mike's family cam over in the evening and the kids got even more stuff. Marissa was very quick to put everything away! Mike and I had a great christmas as well bought ourselves a nitendo ds and several games....we have been hooked since Christmas.Christopher wants to play all the time too. He says the only thing he didnt get for Christmas was a DS! maybe we will buy him one for his birthday. It was a great day for everyone. We have been very blessed this year! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a very happy new year! Here are some pictures.

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