Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Camping and Kings Dominion

We just got home from a busy couple of days. We left Sunday to go down to Virginia to the camp ground that I grew up camping at. The kids loved it. We went on a nature walk and played on the playground. Marissa loved finding bugs and frogs! She found 4 little frogs and 1 big frog. She also "babysat" the guy at the campground's cat, Jack. She took this job very seriously as Jack kept trying to run away and climb a tree! We went to the pool and Marissa showed us all her tricks, going under water, flips and headstands. She loved swimming under the water. Christopher was very hesitant and did NOT want to get in past the step. I had to coax him in slowly. But once he realzied he could touch there was no stopping him. He was walking back and forth and even jumped in a couple of times(to Nana). He slowly started showing off, jumping and doing "tricks". We went back to the campsite and Christopher really liked helping nana start the fire. He thought that breaking the sticks and putting them in the fire ring was the coolest thing. We had the traditional hotdogs and hamburgers and then went on a hunt for sticks. They both found great marshmallow sticks and we made Smore's. Then it was time for bed. We went to King's Dominion on Monday. Got there as soon as it opened. The kids were so excited, Christopher has never been to a amusement park. There was one bad part. I got stung by a bee! As soon as we got there we were walking and I felt something in my hair so I went to get it out, well it was a bee. My thumb has been swollen since yesterday and it is itchy and sore. Marissa got her picture taken with Spongebob and Patrick, Angelica, and Scooby doo! Christopher didnt want to, but he did wave. Christopher didnt want to do much. We did make him go on a few rides but he wasnt happy about it. Both kids loved the wave pool. It was hard to get them out of it. We went on one water slide, but I was afraid Christopher was going to fall out so it wasnt too enjoyable. We spent the whole day there and were exahusted when we left, but everyone had a GREAT day. Even after being out in the sun all day the kids wanted to go swimming when we got back to the campground. We all had a great weekend and I am looking forward to going back to the campground with Mike for Labor Day weekend.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lemonade Stand

We had a lemonade stand yesterday. The kids and their friend from down the street did a great job. They made signs and did most of the work all by themselves. Marissa and "B" walked the neighboorhood recruiting and Christopher ran the table. They all had a job. Christopher was very good about yelling " Lemonade 25 cents" although he had to ask me a few times "what do I say again mom?" Marissa did the money, and "B" poured. They were a great team and nobody complained. I am VERY proud of them. They made a total of $28. Although I put in $10 to start with and "B's" mom put in $5. We still have some lemonade left, so we might just set it again this morning and see if the kids can make a few more dollars. Marissa and Christopher are using their share of the profit to have some spending money at King's Dominion.

Friday, July 25, 2008

1st time rollerskating

The kids had their first experience on rollerskates today. It was fun to watch. Neither one could keep their balance! Marissa held her own, but spent alot of time either in the grass of on her hands, knees, or bottom! Christopher had a death grip on me the whole time. But was laughing and smiling the whole time that I was rolling him around. After about 10-15 minutes the skates came off. I was done, my back was killing me. They weren't the only ones who had trouble though. Most of the other kids were grabbing onto any adult they could for support. It really was a sight. All and all everyone had a blast!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Some of Christopher's favorite things!

Thought I would post some pictures of Christopher doing some of the things he loves to do!

Christopher loves his swords...He is never without them!

He loves looking at his books. This is how I found him the other night. I had told him to go and look at books for 10 minutes til bedtime. Walked in his room and he had pulled a whole bunch out. Gotta say he did clean them up...

Christopher loves to wrestle....Anyone and everyone who will fight with him! Here we are having a wrestling match on the bed and had stopped for a minute. He is a mommy's boy!

He also loves tools! any tool...Daddy has been letting him use his power tools while we have been fixing the house up.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Christopher's injury

Well We had a eventful morning. We headed out to VBS and when we got there Christopher opened the door and we went in. Well I was talking to another teacher and then walked in to put my keys away. Next thing I know he is asking for a bandaid. I look over at him and his big toe is bleeding ALOT. No tears or anything. Well I scoop him up and take him into the bathroom and my friend helps me wash his toe off and then we put a bandaid on. Not even 5 minutes and the blood has soaked through the bandaid. well I knew right then that we had to see somebody. I called the dr and they saud to go to the ER. So off we went. 1 1/2 later and we were out of there with my poor baby having his big toe "glued" with dermabond. He has a pretty nasty cut on the big toe and its bruised up but he was tough. gotta keep shoes on so the glue stays, but he seems to be doing ok.

My 1st blog

Wow I am joining the era of blogging. I am very new at this, but figured I would give it a try. Now we will just see how much I actually post.