Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Colorful baths and Fearful four

The kids found a new "toy" for bathtime. Colorful water! We picked up some color dotz made by crayola on our last trip to Walmart. The kids love them. You simply just drop 1 or 2 into your bath and it changes the color of the water. So far we have had a green bath, purple bath, orange bath, and a red pool. They love watching the 2 colors mix to make a new color. Christopher has learned that yellow and blue make green. He can also tell you that red and yellow make orange, although not a very orangy orange. Marissa loved teasing papa by tossing a couple red ones into the pool when he wasn't looking and they both cracked up when papa asked "what happened to the water?" They really thought they were slick and pulled a fast one on papa.
Christopher and Marissa both went to Grandma Cindy's house to spend the night until thursday. Well that didn't last long. Christopher was fine all day, but when I called to tell him goodnight it was meltdown. He wanted to come home. He missed me and wanted a hug. Well let me tell you that broke my heart! Cindy lives about 45 minutes away, so I really didn't want to rush over and scoop him up. Even though I know that he is going through something right now. He did the same thing we he spent the night at my moms a few weeks ago. Luckily she lives 10 minutes away. Well we gave it a bit and he still was upset, so Mike being the great Husband and father that he is went to meet his mom to pick up Christopher. Marissa is still there and having a blast. I don't know what it is about 4, but he is scared of everything. He has to check the doors at night to make sure they are locked. He needs to be reassured there are no MONSTERS or BAD GUYS. I know it's just a stage and I know he will get past it. I don't like seeing my baby scared and afraid of everything.
Mike spent the weekend putting new siding, windows, and storm doors up at our neighbor's house. He did a great job. He really enjoys doing jobs like that and is looking for more to do. I am getting ready to go back to work. I am really excited. I am going back to where I started and I am going to be teaching 2's to start with. Christopher will be in the Pre-K class. He is not too sure. But he has a wonderful teacher who is one of my great friends (she actually was the maid of honor in my wedding!) So I know he is in good hands. I will keep everyone posted. We have plans to go camping Labor day weekend so I am sure I will have more great stories to share.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The past week

The past week hasnt been very busy...we or should I say I did alot of laundry to catch up after our mini vacation, which Mike still is giving me crap about! Marissa went home on thursday and she will be back this thursday for another week..we can't wait!!! Christopher got a new toy box from a guy that Mike did a job for and he loves all the new toys that came with it. We had to throw a few away, but he got some very nice new toys. We enjoyed visiting with a child I used to teach and her mom...Christopher loved swimming in the pool and even let me take him down to the deep end on a noodle. We went and got some new shoes for Christopher as his were falling apart...He wanted Sketchers, but he is at the weird size where he isnt toddler and not quite big boy...can you believe that my baby wears a size 12!!!!???? Marissa is only wearing a 1. So they didnt have any in his size...So we settled on some really cute ones from Target...
Guess what I have some really good news....I got a JOB!!!! I start on august 18th and I am really excited....I will be the lead teacher for the 2's and 3's.. I will keep you updated. Well thats all the happenings on the Wade front this week. I am sure I will have lots of fun stories next week as it's always a adventure with Marissa and Christopher together....