Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I have waited all winter for our 1st snow....I was very excited that we finally got some today. I was really wishing for a snow day, but nope schools were open which meant I had to go in. So Christopher and I got ready for work/school and off we went. By this point it was really coming down and the roads have not been treated or plowed yet. So we take it sloooooow....slipping and sliding but I am ok I have control...until we get to this big hill...there is a truck off to the side that everyone has to go around, but its only a 2 way road...so everyone is stopped...well I am sliding toward the car in front of me tap the breaks and pull onto this side street....I was a mess...shaking and crying I really thought I was going to crash...there was no way I was making it down that hill...so I called work..I am very blessed to have a wonderful boss who through my crying was able to calm me down and told me not to worry about coming in just to head on home....So we head on home slipping and sliding the whole time...45 minutes commute for what would normally take 5-10 minutes...So I got my snow day after all....although it started off very rough we ended up having a blast...Christopher loves eating the snow and couldnt wait to go out and make a snow angel....I am so glad that he still had his snow suit from last winter (THANK YOU GRANDMA!!!!!) and it still fits him.... we bundled up this afternoon and headed out for a bit with his buddy down the street. the boys had fun but we only lasted about 15 minutes before Chrisopher was freezing....they are calling for more snow this afternoon, but I hope the ice they are also calling for holds off. I don't want any of that stuff. Here are some pictures from the snow. Enjoy!