Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Christopher!

My baby is officially 5! We celebrated his birthday with a nice party at home. Even though it was raining and we didnt get to enjoy the moonbounce the kids still had fun. Mom and dad came as well as Cindy, Michael, Kim, Aexis, Katherine, Bobby, and Ms.Lacy. We had a nice day filled with hamburgers,hotdogs, fruit, chips, macaroni salad, and of couser a very yummy birthday cake from costco's. Christopher recieved everything he wanted. He got a Nitendo Ds and game from us, a case for the ds and a game from mom, a bike from dad, a football and sprinkler from Michael and Kim, Money and perfection game from Grandma Cindy, a bakugon and coloring book from Ms. Lacy, and a gift card from Bobby and Ms. Kathy. He also recieved gift from our family and friends that couldn't be with us...a BIG THANK YOU to Grandma Carol for his red ninja turtle robot-He was very excited!
Aunt pat for all his hot wheels-He's already been in the bathroom changing the colors on them :)
Aunt Katie for his Trackster car he can't wait to play it online,
Grandpa Pete for his 1st real putter and balls-daddy has to take him out now!
Aunt Kathy for the $5 he was excited to see the 5 on the card and money....
Uncle Justin and Aunt Laurie for his book of prayers we cant wait to learn some new ones.

Even though the weather didnt cooperate with us it still turned out to be a good day spent with family and friends. Thanks to everyone!!! We Love and miss you all!